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A rock-solid physique, core control and life-affirming experiences are just a few of the benefits guaranteed for anyone who takes up climbing on a regular basis. And while you’re learning the ropes, the bustling social scenes of local climbing centres make for motivating places to get fit and strong. If and when you’re ready to brave the granite of the great outdoors, the challenge of outdoor climbing come springtime takes you on adventures you wouldn’t otherwise have dreamed of. So load up your chalk bag and prepare to “climb when ready!”


A first trip to your local climbing wall is often even simpler than an induction at the gym. Pay on the door and take a pair of clean sports shoes, and most climbing walls will let you loose on their

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Nuasan has a range of all-natural, scientifically sound, multi-functional active care products. With the Bodycare Kit, you get Nuasan’s Active Body Wash (with arnica and magnesium for sore muscles), Active Body Wipes for on-the-go hygiene, and a luxu
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Animal Instincts
Think of a locust. Actually, it’s quite hard to think of a single locust. They travel in plague proportions, consuming crops and ravaging regions. You might not imagine these greedy little insects to be fussy eaters, instinctively adjusting what they
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Good nutrition is essential for getting in shape and staying healthy. You can’t out-train a bad diet. But there’s much more to effective fuelling than tracking macros and monitoring how many calories you consume. We all respond differently to food, a