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Training at home has come a long way. In the analogue age, it meant gentle stretches and grainy VHS workouts. The last decade saw the dawn of fitness apps and wearables. But even then, domesticated workouts would typically be limited to taping YouTube videos, lifting rickety dumbbells and trying not to bump your head on the ceiling while attempting a pull-up.

It’s only now that home training is truly at the sophisticated stage. From live workouts beamed to TVs, to digital kettlebells and immersive, on-demand indoor cycling classes, technology is moving the gym into the household, buffing up couch potatoes and upgrading phones into virtual PTs.

And the digital fitness boom is packing serious muscle, making up an ever-growing chunk of the UK’s £5.1bn fitness industry. “This is only the start,” says Sammi Adhami, co-founder of training innovators Fiit. “Accessibility for everyone – at home, in the office or on-the-go – is the future of fitness.”


At the vanguard of the home training wave, Fiit

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