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discovers an architectural dream world. Sprawling tracts of consistently Modern, one-storey houses are a singular vision taking us back to an optimistic time. At least as amazing are the small but very public front yards. Some are geometric carpets of varying colors and textures, obsessively manicured. With permeable gravel and varieties of succulents and cacti, others are perfect

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Side Notes
Our peripatetic editor Brian Coleman recently visited Conference Director Bruce Johnson and Registration Manager Kate Nixon at their very charming, memorabilia-filled office in the hills of North Carolina. Good news for Arts & Crafts enthusiasts: the
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Match For A Patch
Need to copy the profile of a moulding so that you can match it at the lumberyard, or re-create it in the workshop? Try a contour gauge. Sometimes called a profile comb or moulding profiler, a contour gauge is a row of steel or plastic pins, held par
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Archibald Knox Rugs
We know that the carpet designs of Morris & Co., sold in reproduction today, are popular for bungalows and Colonial Revival houses alike. Lesser known are those of Archibald Knox (1864–1933), the Manx–Scots designer of metalwork and other decorative