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When I quit the drink, I turned to Half Ironman Training to give me something else to focus on. Essentially, I replaced one addiction with another initially, but it did the job. However, I still remember the first Charles Poliquin nutrition conference I ever went to where he called me out for it. In his mind, running was not conducive to being strong — and his first question to me was, “So, what are you running

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Status Update
FULL NAME: Tyana Maree Hansen BORN: April 1, 1995 HOMETOWN: Brisbane, Qld CURRENTLY LIVES: Gold Coast, Qld LOVES: “Travelling, the beach and sleeping.” PET PEEVES: “Slow walkers and slow drivers.” GO-TO DRINK: “Gin and tonic with cucumber.” FA
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Beginner To badass
Although it may be assumed that I’m someone who predominantly prefers working with high-performing athletes or high profile individuals, this isn’t the case. While this does make up some of my core clientele, I actually really love working with newbi
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Artillery Armament
Ivanov paid his dues at Dreamworks, Anima Barcelona, and Rimac Automobili, so you know his auto/animation game is past newbie level. Even so, his latest chop up is a step away from his previous work - so ferocious it makes the Tesla Cybertruck look l