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French Fancy
If you like your seating the same way you like your pastry – beautiful, generously proportioned, buttery soft – then it’s time to order Gubi’s Croissant lounge chair. Originally conceived by Danish architect and designer Illum Wikkelsø in 1962, ultra
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Bright Young Thing
Lisa Lipscomb, interior designer and hairstylist, her husband, Daniel Broch, founder of the Everyman cinemas, their daughters Myla, 19, and Edith, 16, plus dogs Maple and Chilli. A low-energy, sustainable, new build on the Norfolk coast. The house is
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Lifestyle Reboot
until last summer, artist Sharon Walters juggled creating artwork with a part-time job in a local museum. But mid-pandemic, she had an epiphany and decided to concentrate on her studio work full-time. Her gamble has reaped rewards. In just a few mont