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Ultimate fate of the universe

Big Freeze

uch like how the universe expanded and cooled after the Big Bang, which led to the formation of the first hydrogen molecules,

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Top 5 Discoveries
Lying just 30 centimetres below ground level, Kevin Hillier’s metal-detecting hobby proved fruitful when he stumbled across a mesmerising 27-kilogram golden nugget near Kingower in Australia. Dubbed the Hand of Faith, it was the largest piece of gold
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Human Chest Cavity
Using X-rays to take a peek inside the human body can reveal some spectacular images, and this coloured axial computed tomography (CT) scan is no exception. CT scanners use a rotating ring equipped with an X-ray source to snap image ‘slices’ through
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Types Of Cyber Threats
You know how slow the internet is when there are too many people on it? A DDoS attack swarms a system with traffic, slowing or completely crashing it. The hacker will often charge a ransom to stop the attack. Ever had a spam email? Phishing is an at