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Ultimate fate of the universe

Big Freeze

uch like how the universe expanded and cooled after the Big Bang, which led to the formation of the first hydrogen molecules,

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How It Works1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
A History Of Nuclear Engines
The NERVA project may have been the most famous exploration of atomic engines undertaken so far, but it is by no means the only such endeavour. In 2003 NASA’s Project Prometheus was set up to once again look at the use of nuclear-powered propulsion.
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Wish List
■ Price: £229.95 / $249.95 / The humble earplug gets a high-tech upgrade in the form of the Sleepbuds II by Bose. Sleepbuds II are designed to fit seamlessly with the shape of your ear, which helps to shut out sounds alon
How It Works1 min lettiBiology
Inducing Self-destruction
Senolytic drugs are designed to only induce cell death in senescent cells, preventing them from causing tissue damage. Once kicked back into gear, apoptosis breaks apart the cells, which will later be hoovered out by the body’s immune system. These r