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Ultimate fate of the universe

Big Freeze

uch like how the universe expanded and cooled after the Big Bang, which led to the formation of the first hydrogen molecules,

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Did You Know?
The oldest known fossils are around 3.5 billion years old The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit Earth at roughly 20 times the speed of a rifle bullet Since 1500, Earth has lost around one species of land vertebrate every two years Through
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A Life’s Work
Stanford Ovshinsky is born on 24 November in Akron, Ohio. After finishing high school, Ovshinsky begins working as a tool-maker and machinist. His first invention, an automatic high-speed lathe, improves the efficiency of wood and metal shaping. Ovsh
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Why Does Your Voice Sound Different To Other People?
Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice and thought it didn’t sound like you? This is because some qualities of your voice sound different to those around you as you speak. For someone standing next to you, the sound of your voice will be