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Imagine that the universe is a balloon with dots drawn all over it. A deflated balloon is much like the state of the universe 13.8 billion years ago – all crammed into a single, dense point. Then came the Big Bang: an influx of energy occurred in

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Atomic Icebreaker
Breaking through the Arctic ice of the Northern Sea Route is of paramount importance for Russia. As a vital trading route for the nation, over the years Russia has constructed some of the world’s largest and most powerful ships that carve through the
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Useful Eucalypts
Kino resin Intestinal disorders Found in the trunk of the Sydney peppermint (Eucalyptus piperita) is a multipurpose resin. This can be diluted and drunk to calm inflamed intestines. The material works so well because the stomach can’t absorb it.
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Record-breaking Temperatures
On 6 February 2020, the Esperanza Base weather station at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula detected that temperatures had soared to 18.3 degrees Celsius, the hottest ever recorded in Antarctica. This was due to warm tropical air moving acr