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James Horton

Former HIW member James is a biochemist and biotechnologist. He is currently doing a PhD in machine learning and evolutionary theory.

Jo Stass

Writer and editor Jo is particularly interested in the

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How It Works1 min lettiBiology
Metabolism In Action
There is little glycogen stored in the brain. In times when glycogen is in short supply, cells in the brain can use molecules called ketone bodies, which come from fatty acids, as an energy source. In the kidneys a process called gluconeogenesis occu
How It Works1 min letti
Ancient Greek Helmet Found In Israel
A well-preserved ancient Greek helmet likely worn by a soldier during a war with the Persians has been found in the Port of Haifa in Israel. The 2,500-year-old helmet was found by a Dutch ship in 2007 and was turned over to the Israel Antiquities Aut
How It Works1 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Irregular Galaxies
One thing all the galaxies in the Hubble sequence – spiral or elliptical – have in common is that they are almost symmetrical in appearance. But some galaxies – as many as a quarter of them – don’t fit into this sequence at all. Referred to as irregu