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Before the Big Bang

■ Dear HIW,

Thank you for your articles on the Big Bang. Has mankind any idea where the Big Bang came from and what was there before the Big Bang? How did it come about? Also could mankind, accidentally perhaps, cause another Big Bang?

Stephen Conn

This is arguably science’s most difficult question to answer, because whatever was around before the Big Bang now resides beyond the known

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On The Map
1 Antarctica (5.5 million square miles) 2 Sahara Desert (3.6 million square miles) 3 Australian deserts (1 million square miles) 4 Arabian Desert (716,400 square miles) 5 Gobi Desert (500,000 square miles) 6 Kalahari Desert (350,000 square miles
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Useful Eucalypts
Kino resin Intestinal disorders Found in the trunk of the Sydney peppermint (Eucalyptus piperita) is a multipurpose resin. This can be diluted and drunk to calm inflamed intestines. The material works so well because the stomach can’t absorb it.
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Longest Living
Because are as you age, much of your body is actually younger than you are. Brain cells are an exception. Most of the neurons in the brain have remained since you were conceived. They don’t divide like other cells, and in the case of humans will only