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Cows have been providing products for us for millennia, and are more useful to us than any other farm animal. We encounter cow products every day, whether that’s eating a beef burger, putting milk in our tea or wearing a leather jacket.

Widespread across the globe, cow species

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What’s Happening On… Social Media?
This month on Instagram we asked you: If you could invent a new kitchen appliance, what would you want it to do? @peter_0connor Measure calories and nutritional content @vanessa.__.chen An appliance that can be attached to your fridge to regu
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Stevns Klint, shown in the image above, is an 11-mile stretch of cliff in Denmark that’s rich in fossils. It’s a testimony to life on Earth in the years after the Chixulub impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Though it’s extremel
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5 Ship-saving Methods
If a vessel is suffering mechanical failure and can no longer produce its own power, it can be pulled to safety through the sea by another boat. Locals will know the seas better. Boat operators can be guided out of danger by someone knowledgeable o