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Befriending Your Body

scales, and sizes incorrectly, as a referendum of sorts. As if they can actually measure all of what we are. They can’t. Mirrors play funny tricks on us. Or do we play funny tricks on ourselves? Often we see things that no one else sees. When I look at myself, I

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Ardya Matsyendrasana
POSES A Begin in Sukhasana (Easy Pose) with your left leg crossed on top of your right. B Root down with your sitting bones and elongate your spine. C Imagine a central axis running from your pelvic floor through your torso to the crown of your head.
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Music Icon Tina Turner Stays Grounded While She Keeps on Rollin’
Even after six decades in the spotlight, Tina Turner has no plans to slow down. Next on the legendary singer-songwriter’s agenda: the release of her third book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good, out December 1. The inspir
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Exploring Kaiut Yoga
Yoga can help us be deeply loving and accepting of our history, pain, and trauma, instead of ignoring or denying these experiences. I learned this while growing up in Brazil. My father was in the military, and one day when I was five years old, my co