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January used to be one of my favourite months. My natural indolence is nurtured by a slowdown of work on the farm. The cattle have settled into their winter routine. Rather like children at school, calves have already had whatever was going to give them pneumonia. And their mothers are still a few months away from calving again.

The arable job has been well and truly put to bed; there is no point

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Putting On A Good Show
THERE’S ONE PIECE of advice for the would-be gundog owner in every book I have: if you want a puppy to bring on as a gundog, make sure you buy one from working stock. It’s really such an obvious piece of advice that it hardly bears repeating, while I
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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
One of Africa’s legendary Big Five, the Cape buffalo is an impressive-looking beast. Both sexes have horns and those of the bull grow from a thick boss on the forehead, drooping downwards and then curving back up to the tip. Mature trophy bulls may w
Shooting Times & Country2 min letti
Twenty-six Dogs And Counting
It’s nearly half a century since I first met Keith Howman. I was covering a day’s shooting, won in a Game Conservancy raffle, for Shooting Times. Keith was one of the Guns and we soon discovered that we shared an interest in rare pheasants. A few yea