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January used to be one of my favourite months. My natural indolence is nurtured by a slowdown of work on the farm. The cattle have settled into their winter routine. Rather like children at school, calves have already had whatever was going to give them pneumonia. And their mothers are still a few months away from calving again.

The arable job has been well and truly put to bed; there is no point

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Shooting Times & Country6 min letti
Right Place, Right Time, Right Line
Hatred might be too strong, but it was pretty obvious that Wally didn’t like me, and yet he was to go on to teach me my most valuable lesson as a pigeon shooter. At the time I was 16, and he was something over 70. The summer before, we both worked ‘r
Shooting Times & Country4 min letti
Making Hens Meet
Springtime sets me thinking about partridges. The curlew come back and lapwings dance noisily in the fields but our grey partridges have long since been confined to the history books. I’ve had a long-term ambition to restore their numbers here, but t
Shooting Times & Country2 min letti
My Canine Car Alarm
My online research for the braque du Bourbonnais revealed the unsurprising result that these French pointers are not rated highly as guard dogs, as they are far too friendly. However, Tracie Rickman told me that River is the first of her dogs to bark