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Son Of The Storm
RELEASED 13 MAY 496 pages | Paperback/ebook Author Suyi Davies Okungbowa Publisher Orbit Books The Kingdom Of Benin, located in what is now southern Nigeria, endured for 700 years. So why, Nigerian SFF writer Suyi Davies Okungwoba asked himself on a
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On Target
What’s it been like joining a superhero universe? Hawkeye is quite the diversion from Dickinson [in which Steinfeld played the poet Emily Dickinson], so it’s been very fun to jump into a whole new universe. It’s been really exciting just to bring thi
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I Blame Society
RELEASED OUT NOW! 2021 | 18 | Download Is “You’d make a good murderer” really a compliment? Wannabe filmmaker Gillian (writer/director Gillian Wallace Horvat) takes her friend’s remark seriously, and plans a documentary about the perfect murder. Soon