As a survival tool, airguns are generally not the first thing that comes to mind for most of us. However, if you look at the advancements in the past few years, that way of thinking may be archaic. Many readers might be surprised to learn that numerous airgun companies now offer production model pre-charged pneumatic airguns that fall into the “big bore” category, ranging up to .50 caliber. Several states have taken notice and moved to allow hunting of big game with these bad boys. If you think of them as merely toys — think again. Adult airguns can really pack a wallop and easily come into play in a SHTF scenario for a variety of reasons.

Why is Red Ryder Practical for Survival?

Even what many consider to be the lowly BB gun has practicality in the survival environment. Many of us learned to shoot with a trusty Crosman multi-pumper or Daisy lever action — they're still produced today and being used to introduce new generations to the shooting sports. In recent years BB guns have seen advancements such as polymer stocks, better metallurgy, and synthetic seals.

Still, why would an adult survivalist consider adding BB guns

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