We first got handy with a B&T rifle way back in RECOIL Issue 17. However, lately it’s been their subguns, such as the APC9k and GHM-9, that have gotten most of the attention. Undoubtedly some were hoping we’d be covering the APC223 at length — and perhaps we will — but an über-modern 5.56mm rifle doesn’t necessarily blow our skirts up, as there are endless variations on the market.

But a 7.62? If it runs as well as other B&T guns then that’s another story entirely. Join us as we roll through the rifle that first looked to us like a Swiss-made SCAR.


The APC308 is currently available in four different configurations in the United States: a DMR with a 18.9-inch barrel, a carbine with a 14-inch barrel, a brace-ready pistol with a 14-inch barrel, and, curiously, a fever-dream-brace-ready DMR with an 18.9-inch barrel. Our example is the stocked DMR version.

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