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Finished Size: 18" x 18"

Material Requirements

□ 9½" square cream woven for appliqué background□ 10½" square teal/brown plaid for center block□ 7" x 14" dark brown print for block border□ Variety of blue and green prints or plaids for Log Cabin frame: 1 – 2½" x 12½" strip, 2 – 2½" x 14½" strips, 2 – 2½" x 16½" strips, and 1 – 2½" x 18½" strip□ ⅛ yard muslin for word patches□ 1½" x 2¾" cream with tan dot for bird wing (can substitute with wool)□ 1" x 5" (or larger depending on motif) black print for urn dots□ 1" x 4" ripped brown solid for□ ⅙ yard light green print for binding□ ⅝ yard fabric of choice for backing□ 2½" x 5½" gray wool for urn and pedestal base□ 1½" x 3½" gray check wool for urn pedestal□ 2" x 6½" dark gray plaid wool for urn rim□ 3" x 4½" tan wool for bird□ 2¾" x 3½" contrast tan wool for tail□ 2" x 5" black wool for base of pennies□ 1" x 3" blue or green wool for top of pennies□ Embroidery floss for appliqué and embroidery□ Clover Press Perfect ironing guide (optional)□ Freezer paper

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Wool Blown Tulips
Finished size: 12" round □ 12½" square blue/gray wool for background□ 12½" square red textured wool for scalloped frame and flowers□ 6" x 7" dark red wool for flowers□ 2" x 5" pink wool for flower centers□ 5" square light blue wool for center circle
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Your Voice
I made the Pretty Pears project by Teresa Johnson, from your Summer 2019 issue. My tray is smaller so I adjusted the pattern to fit my tray. I enjoy the projects and look forward to every issue. I also made a covered box and used the house from Sonia
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About the Projects
We would like to thank Jennifer and Sheila at Marietta Blueprint of Marietta, Ohio, for assisting us in enlarging and testing patterns in our template insert. We have given them a complete set of our magazines so that they can help you enlarge any of