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game-changing technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and bioengineering) are evolving at a rapid pace, but sometimes these technologies cause more anxiety than anything else. Futurist John Sanei, however, sees

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To Make A Better Cocktail, You Need The Right Ice
ICE MIGHT BE THE MOST OVERlooked ingredient of any cocktail recipe. It keeps a drink cold, ensures that it isn’t too stiff, and even alters taste perception. Ask a good bartender about ice, and they’ll tell you why a particular shape or size is best.
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Facebook Neural Nets Solve Differential Equations
IF UNIVERSITY students could obtain a copy of Facebook’s latest neural network – a series of algorithms that resemble the human brain – they could cheat all the way through Calculus 300. At the least, they could solve the following differential equat
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Riding With Thecurrent
A TOP SPEED limited to 240 km/h. Zero to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds. 215 Nm of torque, all of it available instantaneously, from the moment you twist the throttle. No emissions, no clutch, no shifting of gears, extended riding range… I know – this all r