Burn your legs

This brutal leg routine is for those of you who have solid base conditioning, a strong upper body, no knee or back problems, and no medical conditions. You must already be highly resistant to soreness from long-term, ultra-intense lower body routines.


Holding a thirty-five to forty-five-pound weight in each hand, run up an entire staircase one stair at a time, or use a short stepping stool — about twelve inches tall — and step up and down the stool very rapidly ten times with one leg, then without resting switch to the other leg. Each step-up requires the complete straightening of your leg. Rest three minutes.

Wobble surface squats

On the flat side of a “both sides up” board; or an air cushion, hold a ten to twenty-pound dumbbell in each hand, jump onto the wobbly surface, and squat to ninety degrees twenty times as quickly as you can, then jump off. Rest two minutes.

Smith machine squats

Twelve warm-up repetitions; rest a minute; twenty repetitions with weight done rapidly. Rest three minutes.

Decline leg press

Keeping your feet flat on the platform, perform 12-repetitions to at least a

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