The majority of current clinical research is mainly geared toward recovery after a brutal workout. There are millions of ways to exercise, but few ways to correctly recover.

There is only so much time in a day and only so many meals to allow your body to recover from the physical stress of training. Countless supplements are marketed (most incorrectly), with their single directive being geared at producing a quicker recovery.

There is something that you can do that’s much more productive and simple: learn to eat foods in

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Strength And Power
What is the difference between strength and power? Strength is the ability to exert a great deal of force into an object without regard to speed. Ironically, a great example of this is what we see in power lifting, such as bench press’, deadlifts, an
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Muscling Fat Away
There are various training tools that can be employed to burn off body fat, and some are better than others. Surprisingly, some commonly used approaches don’t rank in the top tier for fat loss effect. Some of the standard choices such as jogging and
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Fat Can Be A Good Thing
Everyone wants to avoid fat, right? Unfortunately, people have made some generalizations about fat that can hinder their physical progress. When it comes to fat, clear distinctions are far better than generalizations. One of the distinctions that nee