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Make it rain!


Go to Modes>=Paint Mode. Select Tools>=Rule Flecks. Set the fleck type to circle. Enable Guides>=Grid snap and draw a vertical line like this from top to bottom (the direction our rain will fall). It can be difficult to get it completely vertical, and it doesn’t matter if it’s slightly angled. This is really all the manual

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Persona 5 Royal
FORMAT PS4 / ETA 31 MAR / PUB ATLUS / DEV P-STUDIO Bet you never saw this coming. Like Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden before it, this is a massively expanded rerelease of a mainline Persona game with more characters, challenges and story element
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02 It’s Time To Play The Waiting Game
As Nick Fury will tell you, putting together a team takes time – at least five movies and a few billion dollars. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the videogame teamup. Developer Crystal Dynamics announced that Marvel’s Avengers
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition4 min letti
Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire
The Deadfire Archipelago is a chain of tropical islands, home to weird creatures, crumbling ruins, dark dungeons, feuding factions, and ancient cultures – and it’s all yours to explore. Pillars Of Eternity II is a classic fantasy RPG, but with a pira