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is an interesting time in the property cycle at the moment. So much so that some are saying things are going to crash and burn, while others like me think it is going to tick away pretty well sideways for the next one to two years with small ups and downs, but the downs are certainly nothing to get concerned about. Well not in my humble opinion anyway. Then

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NZ Property Investor2 min letti
Establishing Meth Damage
An Auckland property management company managed to succeed in only part of its claim against a pair of tenants who smoked meth in their rental property, contaminating it in the process. James Pilcher and Elizabeth Foster rented the Royal Oak house fr
NZ Property Investor4 min letti
Beachside Bonanza
With 20-plus renos under their belts, Mark and Kathy Fray know a fair bit about turning problem properties into investment gold. The North Auckland-based couple have investments up and down the country, but their most recent renovation has proved to
NZ Property Investor3 min letti
Measure Twice Divide Once
Property boundaries are not always obvious. While a fence, hedge or driveway may look as though it defines the edge of a property, the actual boundary locations can be quite different In many areas the boundary pegs may be missing, severely damaged o