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“Should I sell or should I wait till the property is worth more?”; “I really wanted $20,000 more. Should I accept this final offer?”; “I’d lose $20,000 on my trade if I sell for that, what should I do?”

These are questions that investors, homeowners and traders are faced with at times, especially when the market is on the decline or fairly stagnant.

Many wait in the hope

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Pump Up The Value
The improvements you should undertake to add value to your investment property chiefly depend on your property investment strategy. Whether you’re selling, building capital gains, or tenanting indefinitely, there is often an opportunity to increase y
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Where To From Here?
The goalposts have shifted, again. The Government extension of the bright-line test to 10 years, coupled with the removal of investors’ ability to offset their mortgage interest payments against rent received, marks the latest instalment in a seeming
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This map represents change in the average rental price between the months of March 2020 and March 2021, based on figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Median house rents of the dominant dwelling type for the area No. of