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ike many cooks, I’ve always bought the freshest fish I could but, over the past two years, I have noticed a trend among leading chefs to age their fish. The first cook to bring this to my attention was Makoto Tokuyama, chef/owner of the much-lauded Cocoro, a Japanese restaurant in Ponsonby, Auckland. Makoto-san is a master of fish preparation and cookery, buying whole fish and ageing it from a few days to a

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Ardern the Ruthless
Ruthless, quite ruthless. To affix such a malign and foreboding attribute to the persona of Ardern the Adored is to risk incurring the wrath of the many thousands of voters who have difficulty being objective and honest in assessing the complex chara
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Blame Game
PIECES OF A WOMAN directed by Kornél Mundruczó Pieces of a Woman is an exceptionally bleak, extremely well-acted drama about one woman’s (really, one couple’s) loss of a newborn baby. As Martha, Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret in the first two seaso
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Funny You Should Ask
Why can’t I draw? You can. Everybody can draw. Whether or not you get good at it is totally up to you. You may think you don’t have natural talent, but hard work is vital, too. A 1993 study of violinists found you could tell the top-ranked musicians