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Teaching your kids life skills can feel like a full-time job. Just when you thought you were done having taught them how to apply sunscreen or safely cross the road, a ton of other stuff

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Mkr Shock Sabotage
There’s no doubt this season of MKR: The Rivals has seen a lot of strategic game-playing, but this week one of the contestants will take it further than ever before by attempting to sabotage another contestant’s food. In this week’s episodes the tw
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Child Stars In Trouble
O n January 26, one-time child star Shaun Weiss was again arrested, this time after breaking into a California house while reportedly high on drugs. The former The Mighty Ducks star has been battling meth addiction for years and his latest mugshot
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‘We Won’t Be Bullied’
When Roula and Rachael appeared on Season 9 of My Kitchen Rules, it’s fair to say they had plenty of arguments in the kitchen. But, Roula has admitted the constant fighting actually affected their friendship after they finished filming. “We didn’t se