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Anticipating the light

Tom is an award-winning professional photographer, best known for his high-quality landscape work for advertising, editorial and design clients. More info at: www.tommackie.com

There are times in landscape photography when all the elements come together to create a very special image. It’s one of the things that drives me as a photographer to keep creating images.

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Happy Families
NAME: Lyndsey Williamson CAMERA: Nikon D750 Primary school teacher Lyndsey is based in Peterborough. She’s always been interested in photography, but really caught the bug when she received a Nikon D3400 for her birthday a couple of years ago. In 201
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Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S
£719/$997 For a kit lens, it’s a high-quality item Although it has a retractable design, this full-frame Z-mount is much larger than the DX Z 16-50mm. It has a similar actual rather than ‘effective’ zoom range, but a faster aperture rating that remai
N-Photo: the Nikon magazine1 min letti
Welcome To Issue 108
Photography is all about recording the light that strikes your camera’s sensor, so it makes sense to ensure that the quality of illumination is sublime in the first place. To that end, outdoors photographer Nigel Forster explains how to anticipate gr