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IT’S DARK IN THE WOODS, but we have a plethora of flashlights—at least two in each car and each building on the property, on keychains and

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Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Monday, April 12
SINCE I’VE CUT DOWN ON carbs, I don’t need to buy bread as often as I used to. This is a good thing—most of the time. Yesterday, I decided to have a sandwich for lunch. Thankfully, I found two slices left in the bread box. Unfortunately, both had gre
Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Monday, April 19
THE IDEA DIDN’T ORIGINATE WITH him, but actor Matthew McConaughey’s perspective on joy was refreshing to discover on a YouTube video. He nailed it when he said that happiness is a response to what’s happening to and around us, but joy comes from with
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Friday, March 19
I’M IN AWE OF THE talented people who take a concept or business and create a fitting logo. With simple art, design, and lettering, a logo becomes a symbol of the company or idea. The public is reminded what the business represents when it sees the l