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Friday, July 31
IN ONE MORE MONTH, I will be at a new school. I will have to learn new names and new surroundings and face new challenges. It’s an opportunity for me to start over with a new attitude to help affect positive change. A part of me is anxious because of
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Wednesday, July 29
WHEN MY ELDEST DAUGHTER, STEPHANIE, was born with hydrocephalus—water on the brain—at a mission hospital in Nepal in 1985, she needed lifesaving surgery, but limited resources meant surgeons couldn’t perform the operation there. As a result, my husba
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Thursday, July 16
ONE AFTERNOON, MY HUSBAND ATTACHED our new license plates to the backs of our vehicles. I joked about ordering a custom plate containing some profound words for the front end of my car. “Well, I’ll probably put Live, Love, Laugh on mine,” he said. Ri