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Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Maundy Thursday, April 9
I WAS EIGHT WHEN MY sister told me about heaven. “No one gets sick,” she said. “Everyone has food. No one fights or cries!” Images of happy, healthy people filled my mind. Nice place to go when I die, I thought. Decades later, heaven means infinitely
Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Easter Sunday, April 12
HOLY WEEK CLIMAXES WITH THE angels’ proclamation at Jesus’s empty tomb. His unexplainable absence affirmed His credibility and proved that He was who He said He was—the Son of God. He’d battled evil and won. Heaven threw a victory party that Sunday m
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Saturday, April 25
TWO WEEKS AGO, MY FRIEND from church Brenda and I started walking. She graciously agreed to meet me at my favorite walking trail, which is lined with trees that provide shade. On the other side of the trail, there is a man-made lake that is lined wit