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We are rockin’ and rollin’! This edition is jam-packed with handy finance knowhow you can use to swing the odds in your favour. From investing in shares versus starting a side business to

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Money Magazine9 min letti
Flip For Fun And Profit
For years, there have been TV shows about competitive renovations, and you must have said to yourself at some stage, “I could do that.” Despite the ups and downs, the tears and the heartaches, the contestants always seem to come out in front: better
Money Magazine1 min letti
Rise Of The Neo Banks
Financing property often comes down to how much risk banks and lenders are willing to take on. Most lenders – the big four and most of the other brand-name lenders – add 2.5% “buffers” to their loan assessments. So if you are applying for a loan char
Money Magazine1 min letti
Regions Get A Raw Deal
I have become aware recently of the lack of competition in regional Australia for loans. In a regional town like South Australia’s Burra – a charming place of about 1000 people north of Adelaide – many lenders will not grant any security values to pr