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Renovate The ‘Old Clinker’ To Add Tax-free Value
Q I just saw your response to “Should we renovate our home or invest?” from a 2016 edition. My situation is a little different, as we are 55 and 57. I wonder if you could help with this ongoing dilemma I have had as our money manager. My partner an
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Win One Of 10 Copies
This is an edited extract from Flip for Cash: Maximise your profit when you renovate the right apartment by Geoff Grist (Major Street, $29.95), available now. For your chance to win one of 10 copies, tell us in 25 words or less what your best tip is
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App Of The Month
This is an app for the time poor as well as those reluctant to fix their finances because they don’t know where to start. GetReminded delivers reminder emails and/or in-app notifications before your bill payment, contract, event, task or any other pe