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A Brush With War
The Civil War marked a major transition in American history. It also marked one of several turning points in the evolving artistic career of Winslow Homer. Born on Feb. 24, 1836, in Boston, Homer first worked as an apprentice printmaker for J.H. Buff
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Bin Laden Raid Canine Recalled
U.S. Navy SEAL Team operator Will Chesney honors his partner Cairo, a Belgian Malinois military working dog, in the new book No Ordinary Dog. Paired up in 2008, handler and dog contributed to hundreds of special operations and remained inseparable. M
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Odyssey Of The Ten Thousand
“The sea! The sea!” The jubilant cry from thousands of throats swelled as the ragged line of soldiers ascended the summit. Those behind them on the mountainside ran forward, driving baggage animals and horses at full speed. Assuming enemies were atta