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Frederick Griffin was born in Castleblayney, Ireland, in 1889 and came to Canada when he was 23. Within a year he was working for the Toronto Star, where he would rise from library messenger boy and filing clerk to a coveted position as the newspaper’s marquee feature writer. Griffin—“Griff,” as he was known to colleagues—covered some of the biggest stories of the day and interviewed such luminaries as Emma Goldman and Winston Churchill. In the summer of 1932 the Star sent Griffin, whom it lauded as its “most

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Revolt Of The Ionians
IONIAN REVOLT On a spring night in 498 BCE, spiky tongues of orange and yellow flames darted high into the Anatolian sky. By morning, the ancient city of Sardis would be a smoking pile of ash and corpses. Even the Temple of Cybele, the revered mother
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Browning M1910
A. Blowback mechanism. When the M1910 is fired, the rearward gas pressure on the cartridge case cycles the weapon, as the slide is not locked to the breech. B. Sights. The weapon’s practical range is a little more than 30 yards, with the sights arran
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Battle Of Grunwald, July 15, 1410
A Polish-Lithuanian army marches into East Prussia and decimates the German-Prussian Knights of the Teutonic Order near the villages of Tannenberg and Grunwald. TODAY: A search team wielding metal detectors unearths two axes used in the hand-to-hand