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Sometimes being a woman feels like an uneven conveyor belt of emotions, hormonal changes and social expectations (two children or three?). From the moment we get our periods, our lives revolve around a 28-day cycle that seems restrictive when we’re not trying to conceive. And just as we get our heads around fertility, our biological clock and anti-ageing creams, along comes perimenopause!

Haven’t heard of it? You’re not

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When it comes to shaping brows, forget trends. Instead, let your bone structure guide you, says Anastasia Soare, the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, who tends to the brows of Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham. To find the shape that best suits
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To update a perennial party classic, opt for crimson with subtle gold flecks. “The finish gives lips the appearance of volume and shine, without losing that modern satin finish,” says Victoria Baron, official makeup artist for Chanel Australia. Skip
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HOW fashion got FUNNY
Remember that reccurring dream you had as a teenager, the one where you turn up to school wearing your pyjamas – the daggy pair with the teddy-bear print, no less – and Kelvin Coyle mercilessly calls you Big Bear for the rest of the year? Walking dow