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A New Bloom
There is a saying that in times of crisis, women buy lipstick. But when we live in an era of plenty, when there have never been so many beauty products to choose from, perhaps the statement doesn’t still hold. Because with all that’s on offer, we cou
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Molly Ringwald
There was never any doubt that at the end of Pretty in Pink, our Cinderella would go to the ball. Sure, it might have been in a flamingo-pink dress best left in the decade the film was released–the ’80s–but there was one question: who would be her Pr
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Total Garbage
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wondered about garbage–where does it go and what happens when we run out of places to put it? The average Australian generates more than 10 kilograms of garbage a week; for an American, it’s 14 kilograms. Considering that