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Who would have thought - oyster are a great source of iron, not just an aphrodisiac!

The minerals in our diet are essential for a variety of bodily functions; without them, the body simply wouldn’t function. Although they are all vital, we don’t need equal quantities of each, and minerals are grouped accordingly. Macro-minerals or major minerals are what we call those needed in larger amounts, while those

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Testing, Testing
Information supplied by the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa tells a chilling story: an estimated one in 10 South Africans has diabetes and almost one in five of us has impaired blood glucose control. Even worse, half of diabetics are unaware
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Viva Italia!
FAT 57G | CARBS 14G | PROTEIN 58G FAT 36G | CARBS 11G | PROTEIN 24G FAT 28G | CARBS 18G | PROTEIN 29G FAT 6G | CARBS 8G | PROTEIN 3G FAT 23G | CARBS 17G | PROTEIN 29G FAT 56G | CARBS 17G | PROTEIN 10G SERVES 6 30ml olive oil1 onion, finely chopped2 c
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Africa’s Miracle Plant
Buchu is only found in a small area of the Western Cape – mainly the Cederberg region. Lucky for us, because this indigenous herb has been used for over 300 years for its health-giving properties. ‘We grew up learning about the wonderful medicinal pr