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5 Oils you need in your pantry


oconut oil has high levels of saturated fats, just the way we like it in the LCHF lifestyle. As part of a BBC documentary, LCHF advocate and author Dr Michael Mosley conducted a study on 94 people to track the effects of butter, olive oil and coconut oil on cholesterol. There was one standout result: ‘The big surprise was the coconut oil,’ he said. ‘Not only was there no rise in LDL (low-density lipoproteins) levels, which was what we were expecting, but there was a

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When you think of ‘healthy food’, what image comes to mind? For most, it would probably be a large plate of colourful vegetables, or a salad with a small portion of lean meat. But, which of these is a healthier option: broccoli or chicken livers? Tha
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From The Heart
MAKES 20 FAT 14G CARBS 6G PROTEIN 3G ½ cup almond flour½ cup hazelnut flour (finely ground hazelnuts)1 cup desiccated coconut½ cup white sesame seeds, toasted¼ cup xylitol1 egg120g butter, melted1 tsp vanilla extract 100g 85% dark chocolate, roughly
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from 92kg to 66kg AND STILL COUNTING!
Erin Goliath (26) has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager. ‘When I hit puberty I started gaining weight exponentially. I spent my teens and early twenties being overweight.’ She attributes her weight gain to PCOS, a hormonal disorder k