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s creatures of habit, we often find ourselves trying to branch out and try new things. Yet, if there is one place kayakers are constantly drawn back to, it’s California. From north to south, the Golden State has the whitewater goods- especially when summer comes around and the snowpack is holding strong. But, California is weird… there is rarely an "average" year. It is usually very dry or very wet. In 2017, the crisp, refreshing, runoff ended a five-year drought, supplied farms, replenished lakes and rivers, and gave kayakers a season to remember. This spring, eyes were kept peeled on Cali once again

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What’s Your Goal?
With the competitive kayak season for 2020 mostly canceled, as for so many other sports, it has been an easy time to lose the motivation to stay fit, train for the specific endeavor you are interested in competing in, or even kayaking at all. When th
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Bike2boat 2020
Total distance: Around 800 km, with 9000 m of elevation The highest elevation in one day: 1824 meters in altitude The highest recorded bike speed: 80.4 km/h Rivers paddled: 10 Days on the road: 22 Route: From Rosenheim, Germany, up the Inntal Cyc
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How To Become A Bike2boater
Planning your route: You can go wherever your legs of steel will take you! Try to find areas with different rivers or stretches close to each other, so you have options. Don’t follow the biggest roads, even if they seem faster or more direct. Try to