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A Lot More Than 31 Flavors

The first taste that hits your mouth is… green apple? It’s as if you ate a green apple next to a campfire built of cedar wood. You take another bite of your ice cream, luxuriating in the tart creaminess. This is exactly what you’d want to be eating on the most punishingly hot day of the year — which makes sense, because the ice cream is made of nopal, otherwise known as prickly pear cactus.

On New Year’s Eve

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Journal of Alta California21 min letti
I WAS HERE BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE. I DIDN’T HATE SCHOOL, I especially didn’t hate learning. The main thing they taught me, yelling into my face, was that I was wasting their time and money. It did take me a few incidents, and growing years, to allow
Journal of Alta California3 min letti
Power To The People
Precautionary electricity blackouts are now a standard of Golden State living. Designed to help prevent wildfires, the outages also prevent your freezer from freezing, your lights from lighting, and your air conditioner from cooling. In response, cit
Journal of Alta California5 min letti
Yvon Chouinard Tells Some Stories
The global brand Patagonia grew out of Yvon Chouinard’s first business: forging pitons—the steel blades climbers of the era would drive into cracks in the rock with a heavy hammer to anchor themselves to the wall. Chouinard writes, “My first blacksmi