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Lighting: Get smart

Only a few years ago the term “smart lighting” might have drawn blank stares from most in the recreational boating industry. But today, it’s one of the hottest segments in the boat equipment sector.

As residential lighting has evolved from a functional necessity to an integral part of home design, so too has it followed a similar migration on the water. Extensive research has shown that lighting has a significant

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Breaking The ‘Saxdor’ Code
S comes from Sakari - AX comes from AXopar (Mattila’s last boat brand) and DOR comes from AquaDOR (his first boat brand). The name Axopar comes from his previous boat companies: Aquador - XOboats - PARagon. “I was the founder of all these companies e
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Overview: Playing The Waiting Game
Denmark’s boating industry is well-known with many respected boating brands. Despite the fact there are just a handful of significant boatbuilders active today in Denmark, the number of high-quality equipment producers remains high for a country of j
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Amels To Launch Nine Yachts In 2020
NETHERLANDS | Dutch superyacht maker Amels is confident it will be able to launch nine yachts in 2020, despite the coronavirus’ debilitating impact on the company and the Dutch economy as a whole. Amels, the yachting division the giant Damen Shipyard