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Guilty Pleasures: “Closure” in an open releationship

I shuffled back and forth in the airplane seat, hoping the one-hour plane ride from LAX to SFO could be extended by a magic mist or rainstorm. I was engrossed in , a memoir written by my now-friend Antonia Crane, an eloquent interweaving of the painful loss of her mother and evolution of her sexuality through different relationships and sex-work. I listened to

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A Conversation with Sally Nichols
Sally Nichols, the President of Sales and Distribution at Bloom Farms, is a vibrant, compassionate, and keyed-in entrepreneur. She spoke to Honey Pot about the personal challenges she has faced, as well as her commitment to social responsibility, wom
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Coronavirus And Cannabis: Life Under A Global Pandemic
As COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, ravages the globe, it’s become impossible to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Schools shift to online, as do businesses (unless they close entirely). Citizens everywhere are confined to quarant
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Under the Female Influence: Laganja Estranja on Gender, Cannabis, and Art
If you look closely at the emblem of artist Laganja Estranja —which depicts a perfectly manicured hand with acrylic nails pinching an imaginary blunt—you can see the confluence of two important forces in society: femininity and cannabis. Like the mes