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They call him the Soil Guy, and in his voice it sounds like “soul.” And it should, because Ray Archuleta is practically the Dalai Lama of modern regenerative agriculture. Or maybe the Lorax would be a more apt comparison, because like Dr. Seuss’s resilient environmentalist, Archuleta speaks for the Earth. His cries of “It’s alive!” when discussing soil ecology electrify his audiences—but he’ll be the first to tell you that saving the planet is a communal responsibility.

“Everything’s connected; everything’s one,” has become Archuleta’s motto. It’s immortalized in the upcoming documentary , which follows several pioneers working to restore Earth’s ecosystem, and Ray’s mission in regenerative techniques is one of those most lovingly chronicled. For thirty years he’s been a Conservation Agronomist for the federal Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), where he “spent two

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Dear Reader, The world today is not the same one we lived in when the seeds for this issue were sown. Now, facing perhaps the greatest crisis of our lifetime, we sit forced apart, enduring losses professional, personal, unimaginable due to the corona
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Good Influences: Women On The Move
From social media to broadcast comedy, community events to marketing bonanzas, the new avenues for expression in cannabis are growing to encompass every aspect of modern life. What makes an “influencer”? Is it a special passion that imbues her platfo
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Coronavirus And Cannabis: Life Under A Global Pandemic
As COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, ravages the globe, it’s become impossible to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Schools shift to online, as do businesses (unless they close entirely). Citizens everywhere are confined to quarant