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‘Upgradeitis’ – the nagging feeling that some kind of change to your audio system would improve the sound you hear – seems to be almost inevitable for those of us who want the best possible sound quality when it comes to listening to music we enjoy. Hence the temptation to continually experiment – to wonder if a new amplifier, speakers or cartridge might provide results we

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Ice-ing On The Cake?
Very few audiophiles had heard of Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower technology before Rotel’s RMB-1077 was launched [HFN Dec ’05], and this first credible stab at ‘audiophile Class D’ held sway for a good five years with everyone from Audio Research and Bel
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Denon DCD-100/PMA-150H
Each of Sound United’s two mainstream hi-fi brands – Denon and Marantz – has its own take on compact, room-friendly separates. In the case of Marantz, it’s a lineup comprising an integrated amp and a USB DAC/headphone amp, each styled in ‘retro’ case
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Sony CDP-557ESD CD player
Back in the ’70s, Japanese consumer electronics giants sold hi-fi based on so-called ‘tech specs’. What began as a trend became an obsession, each new turntable being offered with lower claimed wow, flutter and rumble as ‘proof’ that it was superior