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‘WHAT I ATE TODAY’ Holly Bradshaw


‘If I have a session from 9am-1pm, I’ll eat a high-carb breakfast such as porridge, homemade granola, eggs and toast. If I do an afternoon session, I reduce the carbs at breakfast and have an

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Hollie’s Kit Tips
1 Buy the best-quality maternity sportswear you can afford as you’ll get much better support. 2 You’ll be surprised how often you wear your super-comfy maternity clothing, pre- and postnatally, so it’s worth the investment. 3 I like Natal Active fo
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Vital Kit
‘You don’t need much kit for Parkour, but I recommend that you use chalk to improve your grip and wear a pair of lightweight shoes. Choose a style with rubber soles, as foam soles can rip very easily and wear out fast. Some freerunners train in minim
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Get Your Free Online Yoga Class
Want to experience the calming benefits of stretching for yourself? We’ve teamed up with EkhartYoga, Europe’s leading online yoga studio, to offer you a free yoga class with yoga teacher Jennilee Toner, where you’ll learn five methods of stretching f