Guitar Techniques

In Summary

THE ABILITY TO read music notation is the single biggest regret raised by our celebrity panel of guitarists. So many either wish they could read, had started earlier or could do it better. It’s a skill set that once acquired, has countless benefits. If you can’t read at all, it’s a wise musician that puts it high on the‘to do’agenda.


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Guitar Techniques2 min letti
Jason Introduces...
Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in requests for lessons that straddle the terrain of blues and jazz. Perhaps because both genres embrace improvisation, many guitarists acknowledge the need to curate a musical toolbox to function ‘i
Guitar Techniques1 min letti
Get The Tone
As we’re dealing with musical concepts here you can choose any tone you like, although on the GT audio I went for a classic, moderately overdriven bluesy-rock tone. I used a Line 6 Helix with a Fender Telecaster on the bridge pickup throughout but, a
Guitar Techniques4 min letti
Session Shenanigans
Scarred by his first foray into the world of Gibson 335s, our youthful hero has sold his slightly left-field 340 model and attempted to move on. Now read on, if you dare... It was to be another two decades before I was able to talk about my crushed d