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You Too Can Bake Bread

Let these five bread makers guide you to effortless egg breads, stove-top English muffins, traditional bread puddings, and delicious soups that make the most of leftover bread. These bloggers will inspire you to stretch beyond the loaf into soul-satisfying appreciation for basics and new comfort food staples.

Super Simple Flourless Egg Bread

By Leigh Schilling Edwards

About two years ago I found out that I could no longer eat any gluten/wheat products. The news hit me about the same way as if someone had said I was not allowed to breathe air ever again. I mean … are you kidding me? Can life as we know it possibly continue at a table devoid of gluten?

As if suddenly going completely gluten free in my 40s wasn’t hard enough, I soon came to realize that gluten-free (GF) bread loaves cost roughly four times what a regular loaf of bread costs at the store, but they are about one-third the size, have the consistency of drywall, and the flavor of cardboard.

(This is just my opinion from personal experience, and may not represent all store-purchased loaves of gluten free bread.)

Because my family doesn’t have that kind of extra dough to spend on a barely palatable loaf of bread (sorry — don’t punch me for attempting to rise to the occasion with bad puns), I looked into the possibility of making my own GF bread.

You know, when you make a basic loaf of regular bread, the main ingredient is all-purpose flour. Apparently if you wish to make an edible loaf of GF bread, you first need to possess a veritable arsenal of no less than five different types of odd and unusual flours: soy flour, white rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, garbanzo bean flour, millet flour, brown rice flour, xanthan gum (what the heck is xanthan gum?), and our local country grocery store doesn’t stock these items. In fact, they had never even heard of most

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