GRIT Country Skills Series

Use Portable Pens and Tunnels to Manage Chicken Manure

o run chickens in your garden, install long, permanent chicken tunnels along one or more sides of the garden, connected to a coop where the birds sleep. Lay out dedicated garden beds using a standard width so that portable wire pens can be moved from bed to bed. Your chickens will be

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GRIT Country Skills Series5 min letti
Breeds That Work For Your Needs
Australorp—A large heritage breed, an amazing layer, and the hen’s kind disposition make them one of my favorite breeds. I have not had great luck with the roosters of this breed; I have been chased down by more than one. Brahma—Another amazing herit
GRIT Country Skills Series4 min letti
Hatching A Plan
When Ryan Kelsey has nothing to do, he just goes to the henhouse and “talks” with his chickens. Lots of them. Ryan was a senior in high school in 2017, when this article was first published. At age 12, Ryan started Valley Farms Hatchery in Spring Val
GRIT Country Skills Series5 min letti
Lice come in two varieties: bloodsucking and biting. Bloodsucking lice attack only mammals. Biting lice attack both mammals and birds. Several species infest chickens—more, in fact, than affect any other bird—and a chicken may host more than one spec