GRIT Country Skills Series

Treating and Preventing CHICKEN FROSTBITE

I like to think that I am deliberate in tending to our flock of chickens during the winter, but it still happened! Yep, one of our chickens got frostbite on her comb.

See black spots on your chicken’s comb or feet? That’s frostbite. Thankfully, our case didn’t get any worse and it naturally took care of itself.

I’ve come to realize that most cold-climate

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Bioactive Litter for a Micro-Flock: A Tip from My Friend Kate Hunter
I’m on my third year of housing my tiny flock of layers in my shed over the winter. I build a temporary 5-foot-by-6-foot enclosure with garden caging, which gives them exactly the same space in the shed as they get in their mobile pen (7½ square feet
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Get Smart: Protecting the Flock from PREDATORS
Chicken keepers understand, without a doubt, that a farm is a tenuous balance of predators and prey—nature’s checks and balances. Chickens, after all, look for ways to die. So unless you build the poultry version of Fort Knox, or imprison your birds
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Affordable Ways to Keep Your FLOCK WARM
Keeping your birds warm in winter is critical. If you live in colder climates you will probably need to take some steps in the winter months to ensure that your hens stay warm. Chickens and other fowl are fairly cold hardy, but they still get chilly