GRIT Country Skills Series

Feed the Flock

The old adage “You are what you eat” certainly applies to chickens. A strong foraging instinct gives chickens the ability to naturally thrive on a wide variety of plants and insects. However, some modern backyard birds aren’t lucky enough to range countless acres and forage for their own nutritional needs.

Further, young chickens have different needs than mature birds. In addition, layers and meat birds should be fed specific diets depending on their purpose. As the seasons change, so do nutritional requirements. So what is a chicken keeper to do? That all depends on what kinds of chickens you have and what their purposes are.

Back in the old days, Grandma would toss a few handfuls of scratch grains and some kitchen scraps to the yard birds each day. Her hens would free range around the farm during the day and roost in the coop at night. So what’s so complicated about feeding chickens, then? First of all, we know a

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Breeds That Work For Your Needs
Australorp—A large heritage breed, an amazing layer, and the hen’s kind disposition make them one of my favorite breeds. I have not had great luck with the roosters of this breed; I have been chased down by more than one. Brahma—Another amazing herit
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Hatching A Plan
When Ryan Kelsey has nothing to do, he just goes to the henhouse and “talks” with his chickens. Lots of them. Ryan was a senior in high school in 2017, when this article was first published. At age 12, Ryan started Valley Farms Hatchery in Spring Val