From Homeless to Homestead

You’ve decided it’s time to get a dog for your homestead. You know what you expect your new dog to do for you, be it companionship, security, herding, or vermin control; and, most likely, you know what breed of dog you want. But before you start looking for a breeder or visiting pet stores, there’s another option to consider: You can give a dog a second chance, a new home, a new job, and a new pack to call its own. You can adopt a rescue dog.

Finding the Right Dog

America’s animal shelters are full of good dogs in need of good homes. Before you buy a puppy, visit a shelter or two and see who’s waiting to meet you.

Financially speaking, adopting a shelter or rescue dog usually costs a good deal less than a pet store or breeder-supplied puppy. Adoption fees typically run from $75 to $350, and often include vaccinations, a veterinary checkup at the shelter, and spaying or neutering. That’s a fraction of the cost of “that puppy in the window,” which may set you back $1,000 or more.

When you visit the

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