Be a Weather Watcher

For those of us who are really into the weather, it’s not enough to say it’s warm outside or it rained yesterday. We want to know how warm it was or how much rain fell. Besides satisfying our meteorological curiosity, measuring the weather puts us more in touch with it. And by closely observing the current weather, we can even make forecasts about our future weather.

Weather Instruments 101

A variety of weather instruments are available to everyone. For all of the “standard instruments,” many of which were developed centuries ago, there are electronic counterparts. You may give up some accuracy, but you gain continuous readings that can be monitored remotely.

Measuring the amount of rainfall isn’t just for weather enthusiasts — it’s critical for gardeners too. come in a variety of sizes and prices, and are sold in many stores. Cheap, plastic gauges cost only a few dollars, but they’re not always accurate. A popular and accurate standard is the classic 4-inch gauge (the measurement refers to the diameter of the

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